Break-in Procedure

1. Spray interior of the pit with vegetable or peanut oil, covering the trays and walls entirely
2. Light a fire and adjust airflow to get the temperature between 225° and 375°
3. Keep the fire going for 6-8 hours, respraying the pit at the halfway point
Do not let the temperature go beyond 450°. Temperatures past 500° may cause the paint to bubble or cause the thermometer to read incorrectly.

General Maintenance

For routine maintenance, we suggest repainting the pit ever 1-2 years. This can be done by cleaning the outside surface of the pit with steel wool and painting the pit with Rust-Oleum high heat paint, both of which can be purchased at any hardware store.


Manufacturer defects on the pit are warrantied but the thermometer and paint are not covered if an excessive fire in the pit has burnt the paint or spun the thermometer.